We are often asked if initial consultations are free.  Generally, they are not. For a few reasons.  One, we are lawyers and we are ethically bound by professional rules of conduct and ethics guideline to not give legal advice to non-clients and specifically when we don’t know the client’s situation.  Second, unless the inquiry is purely general in nature (e.g., rules on eligibility requirements, processing times of USCIS, etc.), for the best and most relevant feed back from Alison Yew, our lead attorney, an office meeting to obtain legal advice and/or discuss strategy is recommended. And this takes time, both to assess your specific situation and to discuss and convey the relevant information to you.

What is provided at the legal advice/strategy session, you ask?  We take all the time you need to discuss your case, up to one hour. During this time, you have our attorney’s undivided attention.  Questions are exchanged and clarifications are made during this time so that Alison is familiar with all relevant facts in order to provide the best and the most relevant feedback and advice for you. Often times, an immediate benefit may not be available, but may be achieved with some additional gathering of facts, which Alison will advise during the discussion. This is why we like to call our time together a strategy session.

Because we offer our expertise during this time, we charge a fee of $200, payable at the time of the meeting.  If you retain our services at the conclusion of the meeting, the fee is applied toward the legal service fee, which is quoted to you at the end of the consultation.  From our experience, our clients are happy with this arrangement, as, at the end of our meeting, you will be armed with information upon which you may make important immigration decisions for yourself or your family member(s).

Contact our office today at (408) 389-8930 or click this link to schedule a strategy session with Alison Yew.