Here in Silicon Valley, employment-based immigrant visas (employment-based green cards) have opened up opportunities to American businesses to stay innovative and competitive with their services and products. Our American businesses must be able to seek and hire superb talents around the globe in order to remain a cut above the others in their industry worldwide.

The beneficiaries of these employment-based green cards are not just the high tech workers — the engineers, computer analysts, software developers — but also the scientist developing the latest medical technology for retina implant, the horticulturalist whose research contributed to our government’s program on water and energy conservation in crop irrigation, the table tennis athlete who couldn’t excel in their communist-governed country passed their provincial games, but who turned #1 ranked player given the chance to compete in international games on behalf of his U.S. training club, the gold medal Olympic gymnast who used her talents to train young/aspiring gymnasts for the next Olympics. There is a sense of amazing achievement and exhilaration when we are able to help our American employers hire the best they can find and keep them employed and, thereby, making a reality for these foreign talents the ultimate American dream.

Nevertheless, with visa quotas, salary minimums, job marketing testings, etc., the road to an employment-based green card is often filled with challenges and road blocks. Our attorneys at the Law Office of Alison Yew have years of experience with not only obtaining these benefits, but successfully challenging government agencies when they wrongfully deny our clients these benefits. Contact the Law Office of Alison Yew today to help you with your business immigrant needs, including but not limited to following: