How to Obtain U.S. Citizenship – Or Maybe You are a Citizen Already


I’ve been very busy since the turn of the new year. It is a problem I am sure most business owners like to have.  I held hours of consultations, pored over stacks of legal documents, took apart USCIS letters, challenged USCIS erroneous decisions, and summarized rights and obligations to my clients.  At the end of the day, there is a sense of satisfaction that I am entrusted by my clients to give them the very best representation I can offer.  Most recently, maybe because it is the new year and addressing their immigration issues is one of their new year goals, clients have come to me about obtaining U.S. citizenship, finally.  Just when you think it is as simple as filling out some forms for naturalization for those who are not born in the U.S., well let me describe the ways some who have come to me discover they are actually U.S. citizens, though they were not born in the U.S., and did not apply for naturalization.   These scenarios are already described on the Citizenship/Naturalization page on my website, but for the benefit of the blog readers, here it is.  It is rather long, but hopefully it will make the reader more appreciative of the legal analysis that must go into every case, even in what may seem as simple as getting U.S. citizenship.