San Jose, CA
For many years in this country, I had been unable to find either an immigration sponsor or an immigration attorney who was not skeptical about the possibility of adjusting my immigration status. When leaders of the church at which I am the rector located Yew Immigration Law Group and Alison Yew in 2019, everything changed. Alison Yew found out from me that years ago, in April 2000, my employer filed an application for alien labor certification. The fact that he did so, and I still had a copy of the letter, transformed my case. From then on Alison Yew, Michael Breismeister, and the support team at Yew Immigration Law Group, worked tirelessly and thoroughly to research and gather all the evidence needed for the success of my case. The result is that in July, my wife and I received permanent resident cards, and our lives have been transformed by new opportunities for finding employment and for traveling. I heartily recommend Yew Immigration Law Group for those who want to immigrate to the USA.