San Jose, CA
I cannot recommend Alison Yew’s talent and expertise highly enough. She is simply one of the very best lawyers you could ever be fortunate enough to have chosen, and you can wholeheartedly feel assured that once you have chosen Alison as your attorney, you will feel 100% confident that she will move heaven and earth to see your case through with no stone left unturned. Her diligence, perseverance, and detailed knowledge about my case was stellar and impressed me over and over, time and time again. I know of no other person I would have entrusted to have helped me through the extremely stressful and difficult time my legal case presented to me. Although my situation was outside of her normal focus, which is immigration, and had to do with housing, she heroically offered to take my case on a contingency basis, allowing me to pursue a legal course of remediation I otherwise would not have had the means to pursue. She came to me as the guardian angel she in fact IS, offering to help me, and she saw me through to the very end. I can never thank Alison enough. Again, her knowledge and persistence, her invaluable assertiveness, timeliness, and commitment to my case were instrumental in achieving an optimal outcome. Her personal support throughout the ordeal was as equally appreciated. She is not only an expert litigator, she is also one of the very nicest and most compassionate people you could ever know, and her integrity and faithfulness to my cause were unceasing. She repeatedly gave me renewed hope whenever I started feeling frightened or defeated, and I not only felt that I had an exemplary lawyer supporting me, I also felt that I had a real and trusted friend who cared deeply and sincerely about my welfare. Someone like Alison, who can see us in our most vulnerable and fragile states and continue to provide encouragement all along the way, is alone worth her weight in gold. Legal issues are frequently not merely technical; they often carry some deep and painful corresponding emotions. Alison was the cure for both, a reliable and trusted captain steering us both capably through the dark and stormy legal waters. I would recommend this woman to anyone and everyone. She is a shining star, and will most likely be your lucky star.