Parole In Place for Military Families

On Nmilitary familyovember 15, 2013, then-USCIS director Alejandro Mayorkas, issued a USCIS Policy Memorandum entitled, “Parole of Spouses, Children and Parents of Active Duty Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve, and Former Members of the U.S. Armed Forces or Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve and the Effect of Parole on Inadmissibility under Immigration and Nationality Act § 212(a)(6)(A)(i).”  It is a hefty title, but in short, this policy allows for the parole of qualified family members of military members, reservists, or veterans, who otherwise are in the United States undocumented (visa overstay and entry without inspection included), and qualify to adjust status to that of lawful permanent residents without having to leave the U.S.  Click to the USCIS memo here.

If the above situation sounds familiar, and you believe you may qualify (or a family member may qualify), please contact us for an evaluation.