Wanting to live in California or other parts of the United States as a citizen can be difficult for people who have moved to the U.S. from other countries. Immigration law changes rapidly, and it is not unusual for individuals to face many hurdles as they work through the naturalization process. Some changes to the ways in which immigrants can apply for citizenship may help them complete steps more quickly.

It was recently reported that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now offers tools on its website for individuals to apply for citizenship or a green card replacement online. People interested in this option will need to create an account on the USCIS website and continue through the steps necessary to complete the desired actions.

A USCIS spokesperson stated that this option will make the process more efficient and will make communication with applicants easier. There are currently seven immigration-related forms, including the application for naturalization, that individuals could submit online. It also gives applicants an easier way to pay any fees required throughout the process. Individuals who create accounts and submit their information can review that information and their interactions with USCIS. The report also stated that a goal of the online system is to reduce the number of denied applications by displaying alerts when an applicant may need to provide more information.

Technology plays a major part in many areas of life, and as this update shows, technology may help to make applying for citizenship easier. Of course, the naturalization process is still a complex area of immigration law, and any individual in California looking to start the proceedings may still find it useful to enlist the help of experienced immigration attorneys. These legal professionals can provide valuable information and assistance throughout the process.